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In fall 2024, you will have access to our first online course "Nourishing Relationships". Explore the fundamentals on which each relationship is built, and pave routes of authenticity and clarity in your day-to-day life.

Want to follow our journey or invite us to speak in person or online? We are excited to think that you, too, might join us on our ride. Click Keep me in the loop and we will get right back to you.

Online learning

In "Nourishing Relationships", our first online course, you will explore how to honor your needs and giving and receiving without compromising your own well-being. Learn to recognize your boundaries, translate your bodily sensations into self-awareness, and make compassionate decisions. Use intention as your compass to align with your values.


This course offers bite-sized video training, valuable resources, and tools to strengthen your relationship skills. Connect with us and fellow life navigators through our live Q&A sessions held twice a month.

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Look forward to:

  • Developing a broader, non-judging perspective that helps you move forward with authenticity

  • Intentionally honoring what charges your battery and recognizing what depletes it

  • Accessing your ability to be with any given reality and then move on

  • Learning how to listen to your body as your ultimate information provider

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