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Why the GPS Within?

The GPS Within is an internal navigation system that uses clear and continuous steps to get unstuck when encountering challenging situations. It also helps us deepen the relationships in our lives. How do we navigate our life while using authenticity as our compass and staying kind to ourselves and others? With the GPS Within, it is possible to acknowledge, prioritize, and honor our needs and boundaries.

About us

The GPS Within was created by Dorit Shoshani and Rivka Klein, who brought together researched and established relationship approaches into a down-to-earth and pragmatic system. They have facilitated people of all ages, backgrounds, and places in the world with more than 40 years of combined experience.  

Learn with us

Our approach is interactive, nonjudgmental, and precise, yet flexible and dynamic. We strive to create an intimate, comfortable atmosphere, so participants can open up and easily internalize the tools we offer. Over 90% of our GPS Within graduates say they successfully apply the tools from our workshops in their daily work and life routines.

The GPS Within

With The GPS Within to count on, we learn to lean on ourselves and trust our ability to navigate the ins and outs of life without needing to compromise our well-being. We drive down our relationship routes with intention, feeling empowered with the tools and know-how to stay seated in the driver’s seat, despite uncertainties along the way. 

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